Hardwood Installation in Martinez, CA

You have shopped and found the attractive new hardwood you can’t wait to being home.
Our flooring experts can help you prepare for your hardwood installation day!

Hardwood Installation

When you want stunning hardwood floors in your home, we are the installation experts in Martinez, CA! We can successfully bring attractive hardwood flooring to your home or business, with long-lasting results and premium performance. Which steps do you need to handle ahead of time? How long until you can walk on your hardwood and bring furniture back in? The more that you understand the entire hardwood installation process, the less your rooms will be displaced before, during, and after. Read more below and get ready for your new hardwood!

Hardwood Installation | Gil's Carpets

Before hardwood installation can even begin, you will need to ensure that these important steps are complete:

  • Remove all furniture and furnishings from the room and closets that are receiving new hardwood.
  • Take everything framed or hanging off the walls, since these items can easily get knocked off.
  • Remove the doors in advance in case the new hardwood flooring height will prevent full range of movement.

Now, it’s time to properly prep the area for hardwood installation:

  • Hardwood cannot be installed over existing flooring, so old flooring must be removed completely.
  • Hardwood installation requires a perfectly even, level subfloor so repair all imperfections now.
  • Bring in the new hardwood planks to acclimate for at least 48 hours in advance.

When your hardwood installation day is here, make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Stay at home to answer all questions that your hardwood installers may need to ask you.
  • Designate an area for hardwood installers to keep tools they need such as a table saw, chop saw, flooring nailer, nail set, air compressor, drill, drill bits, chalk line, and more.
  • Keep kids and pets well away from the hardwood installation process, and from the installer work area.

After your new hardwood is installed successfully, make sure to ask any questions and observe the following:

  • Wait at least 24 hours before walking on your new hardwood floors so that glue can settle.
  • Wait at least 48 hours before allowing pets to play on new hardwood floors.
  • Wait at least a week for the hardwood floor to cure before bringing heavy furniture back in.