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Everyone loves the soft touch of gorgeous carpet. When it comes to relaxing in the home with the ones you love, carpet envelopes your rooms with warmth and color that helps you unwind.

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Why Carpet?

Bring home the ultimate cozy, comforting surface from the carpet experts! It’s no secret that we love carpet and have made our name serving the Bay Area with soft surfaces for 60 years. Everyone from adults and kids to our favorite pets love spending time and lounging on carpet, perfect for movies, games, and reading. We can help you explore all the wide-ranging, impressive carpet styles we offer and weigh them against your specific household factors for best long-term performance. We treat your home like it was our’s and we want you to love your carpet!

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As you pick out new carpet for your home, it’s important to consider where the carpet is being installed and who will be using the room primarily. Different carpet types will be best suited for specific areas. You will want a carpet with plenty of resiliency and stain resistance in high activity rooms like a family room or child’s bedroom. In more formal living rooms, dining rooms, and adult bedrooms that experience less foot traffic, it’s safer to indulge in luxurious softness and plush texture. We also have perfect carpet options for tricky areas like hallways and entranceways.

Also, carpets are made in a variety of constructions that can serve your home in different ways. Constructions refer to how the carpet fibers are attached to the backing. Popular constructions include loop pile (low-profile carpets like Berbers), level loop pile, multi-level loop pile used to create patterns, and cut pile (thicker, softer), and cut-and-loop construction for fashion-forward options. We can also determine the best carpet fiber that will fit your household among great choices such as polyester, nylon, Triexta, wool, olefin, and more.

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When it comes to completing home projects on your schedule, Gil's Carpets offers helpful services that can make your life easier and help achieve your ultimate design vision sooner! 

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Discover the possibilities for your home without ever leaving the couch! Innovative Roomvo technology makes designing a breeze. 

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Gil’s Carpets in Martinez, CA is a certified dealer for several companies which gives our customers the added benefit of extended warranties, unbiased comparison of products, and the best prices. We also carry a variety of stock carpets and luxury vinyl, which is beneficial for projects with short lead times.