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Homeowners prefer the natural beauty of hardwood floors. When it comes to adding value to your home with flooring that will last for decades, look no further than hardwood!

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Why Hardwood?

Genuine hardwood floors offer a distinct appeal that homeowners and homebuyers truly adore. With a multitude of amazing species to select from, you can find the tone and markings that fit your rooms to perfection. It goes without saying how durable wood planks are, offering decades of reliable performance with proper care and maintenance. You will also add value to your property’s bottom line when you install wood floors. From airy hardwoods that brighten rooms to bold wood floors that make a statement, we have hardwood samples that you can use with the lighting in your rooms to land the perfect option.

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It’s no secret that natural-toned hardwood floors will create a powerful connection to nature, but there are many other hardwood styles that can uplift rooms with signature style. Explore rich, multi-shade wood options full of color and different graining techniques that lend different feels. We love using patterned hardwood installations including parquet, chevron, herringbone, and diagonal stripe to add visual interest in your rooms. Whether you want a classic feel or a contemporary design, hardwood floors can elevate spaces with genuine, undeniable character.

When you invest in real wood floors, you also receive the capability to refinish the surfaces and restore the shine after the years. An active home can produce scratches, dents, or dull the floor over time, but hardwood restoration can bring your floors back to life! If your floors experience lots of natural light, refinishing can restore an even color and appearance that comes from fading. The cupping, cracking, and discoloration that come from moisture will also be resolved during this process. Simply put, wood floors will continue to give back to you as time rolls on!

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When it comes to completing home projects on your schedule, Gil's Carpets offers helpful services that can make your life easier and help achieve your ultimate design vision sooner! 

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Gil’s Carpets in Martinez, CA is a certified dealer for several companies which gives our customers the added benefit of extended warranties, unbiased comparison of products, and the best prices. We also carry a variety of stock carpets and luxury vinyl, which is beneficial for projects with short lead times.